Can a homosexual person be a heterosexual person?

Can a homosexual person be a heterosexual person? In the western globe, there are many Christian ex-gay organisations which are frequently led by those who describe on their own as ex-gay. The aim of these organisations is always to assist homosexuals to maneuver towards heterosexuality. Gay individuals are motivated through treatment and prayer to reject their homosexual identification and behavior. Nearly all leaders and users of these organisations fundamentally acknowledge that even with a long time of treatment, their sexual orientation have not changed or changed just a little. They continue to have homosexual desires. Seeing a nude individual of the identical sex arouses them a great deal more than one of several sex that is opposite. Nevertheless, they would like to phone by by by themselves ex-gay if they do fall into temptations, they want to rid themselves of that kind of behaviour because they do not engage in homosexual sex, or.