Course on Mail-Order Brides – Focus from The Philippines – Johns Hopkins University USA

Course on Mail-Order Brides – Focus from The Philippines – Johns Hopkins University USA Johns Hopkins University Has Course On Mail-Order Brides Cristina DC Pastor, Jan 17, 2007 NEW JERSEY – The prestigious Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore is providing a program on Filipina mail-order brides, calling it a “serious course” that could help give an explanation for stereotyping of Filipino ladies. “Mail-Order Brides: comprehending the Philippines in Southeast context” that is asian be provided within the Spring, having a anticipated enrolment of 35 students. Uk Prof. Fenella Cannell, who may have invested fifteen years in the Philippines and contains written scholarly publications about Southeast Asia, is teaching the course. The program is made available from JHU’s Department of Anthropology and it is cross-listed with studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality, and Political Science. There has been some inquiries in regards to the course, nevertheless the department said the true quantity of pupils had not been yet offered by enough time of interview. “i could realise why individuals might misread, but this might be a critical scholastic course,” Cannell told Philippine News. “We want to discover more on the Philippines and address a number of the stereotypes and misconceptions and exactly why individuals have a tendency to think about Filipinas as transnational migrants or as marrying partners of remote foreigners.” She said the course would introduce the Philippines and examine the different components of its culture and history. She added this course would additionally provide students who don’t understand anything about Southeast Asia, generally speaking, the opportunity to learn something concerning the area and “probably to be amazed and challenge their preconceptions.”